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Sandra Bullock Fakes

* 2012-Nov-16 - Hot Fucking Sandra Bullock Fake

You should see sweet Sandra get fucked with that playful smile on her face, and you may quite forget that this pic is only one of numerous Sandra Bullock fakes representing her in hardcore situations. That meat stick fits in the girl's hole as nicely as Sandra's face matches her lovely nude body.

sandra bullock gets faked to get fucked

You may enjoy a few Eliza Dushku sex fakes, too!

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* 2012-Jul-23 - Sandra Bullock Makes It Hot

Enjoy a home striptease performance starring a hot milf named Sandra Bullock. Those young housewives can get really horny in their husbands' presence. As well as in their absence, too. Housework is so boring when a woman is young and full of sexual energy, and this fake Sandra Bullock shows a great example of how day by day routine can be changed into a fascinating experience loaded with hot passion and sensual pleasure.

sandra bullock hot and sexy

More hot fake celebrity strippers:

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* 2012-Jan-30 - Sandra Bullock Naked Call Girl

In this fake (already a vintage one), Sandra Bullock appears as an utterly seducing call girl who gets naked and tries to do her best to make you phone her. Sorry, we do not know her number although that Sandra's nude ass makes us crazy about having a private talk with her, too.


naked sandra bullock shows off her gorgeous ass


You should compare Sandra Bullock's naked ass to another fake celebrity's ass, too. We mean Miley Cyrus who seems to be as good at showing off as Sandra. Or enjoy some unforgettable moments together with Vanessa Hudgens exposing her butt in a very playful manner.


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* 2011-Dec-14 - Sandra Bullock Ass

These firm round buttocks Sandra Bullock is represented with look extremely seducing, all covered in soapsuds and put up for show. If cocks could speak and could be asked whose ass they craved for, lots of them would probable say, "Sandra Bullock's ass!"


fancy sandra bullock's ass covered in soapsuds


Katy Perry's naked ass seen in the shower stall.



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* 2011-Oct-29 - Sandra Bullock Tits

A fake fantasy featuring Sandra Bullock Tits. Nude pussy too. No squeezing or tossing around, no tits fucking either. Just a bit of nude posing with little round tits put forward by GIGA.


sandra bullock bare tits and pussy


To admirers of boobs, we may recommend Scarlett Johansson breasts which look incredible.


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* 2011-Oct-4 - Sandra Bullock Nude On Glass Table

Adorable Sandra Bullock squatting nude on a glass table, despite its low resolution, a very nice vintage fake presented by XIZOR. Sandra looks very young there, and the pose she chose looks great, too. You may only look at her, but you know that it can be so easy to slide your hand across Sandra's nude crotch... Very tempting!


nude sandra bullock squatting on a glass table


Nude Sandra Bullock Sitting On The Ground


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* 2011-Sep-15 - Sandra Bullock Porn

So, they decided to shoot some porn with Sandra Bullock, and she did not mind. She only asked, "Which way?", and took off her dress and panties at once. They asked her to kneel on the chair and twist her ass, she eagerly agreed, and... It was a really hot porn shooting, with the guys dick penetrating Sandra's vagina and asshole in turn.

sandra bullock porn

Jessica Alba Porn



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* 2011-Jun-22 - Sandra Bullock Butt

sandra bullock butt

To represent a fake ass of Sandra Bullock, we have chosen this Sandra Bullock Butt fake, elegant and colorful. Sandra looks great here, doesn't she? As well as her butt, all nude and exposed.

Anna Kournikova Butt


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* 2011-Jun-9 - Sandra Bullock Sexy

sandra bullock sexy

See Sandra Bullock semi-nude, partly dressed, very sexy! Wearing a black embroidered shawl which is hiding nothing from your eager eyes, posing with her breasts and cameltoe exposed, Sandra Bullock looks a real sex bomb, ready to explode at any moment.

Christina Applegate Sexy


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* 2011-May-17 - Sandra Bullock Pussy

sandra bullock pussy


A pair of Sandra Bullock Pussy fakes. Both featuring Sandra Bullock's face, some other girl's pussy, and a bathroom. Fancy watching Sandra Bullock covered with soapsuds, or shaving her pussy while taking a shower.

Halle Berry Pussy


sandra bullock pussy

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* 2011-Apr-27 - Sandra Bullock Sex

sandra bullock sexSandra Bullock Sex. Sandra Bullock Porn. Sandra Bullock Fuck. Sandra Bullock hot, and nude, and horny, and sexy, and naughty, eager to have sex with a guy posessing a large cock. They are so agitated already that their fucking is going to be really hot. Sandra Bullock is represented so fond of sex here that no one seems to be strong enough to resist her appeal. A hardcore fake personifying the idea of sex as it is.


Keira Knightley Having Sex


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* 2011-Apr-5 - Sandra Bullock Nude Pics

fake sandra bullock nude picIf you have hit this page while searching for real Sandra Bullock Nude Pics - sorry! We can only offer you fake Sandra Bullock nude pics. Although some of them are of very high quality featuring Sandra Bullock all nude and natural, they are only fakes, or digitally mastered pics, which have very little in common with famous Hollywood star Sandra Bullock - almost nothing, except for her face.


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Sandra Bullock Fakes

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